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Bennett on Bankruptcy, 21st edition, 2019

ISBN: 9780433500926

Gain critical insights on the current status of the Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act from legal expert, Frank Bennett. Since 1989, Bennett on Bankruptcy has been a reliable and practical guide, and serves as your quickest reference to the substantive law in this area. Frank Bennett provides you with explanatory notes to point out leading cases on a particular…

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Bennett on Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights, 5th edition

ISBN: 0-459-24275-X

Updated from the fourth edition, this edition includes hundreds of new cases; updated precedents and new government forms; the 1997 revisions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. This manual for Ontario practitioners details the entire array of statutory and common law remedies available to creditors’ and debtors’ rights. Contents include • Enforcement of Judgments (garnishment, seizure…

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Bennett on Consumer Bankruptcy

ISBN: 978-1-77040-189-1

If you are a consumer debtor considering bankruptcy, you need help to assess whether or not to file for bankruptcy and, if you decide to go bankrupt, you need help to do the filing. Even a seemingly simple filing can have hidden traps, and once begun, can be near impossible to reverse. Bankruptcy is not…

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Bennett on Collections, 5th edition

ISBN: 0-459-24100-1

The Judgment Recovery Manual for Ontario lawyers and law clerks. The step-by-step guide to Ontario collection procedures – now in a new edition. Offering convenient and affordable access to the rules you need to know on a day-to-day basis. Chapters include: Instructing the Lawyer Collection Litigation Enforcement of Judgment Debts Proceedings in Small Claims Court…

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Bennett on Power of Sale, 4th edition

ISBN: 0-459-55434-4

This work covers the law, practice and procedure relating to exercising the mortgage power of sale remedy in Ontario. Drawing upon the expertise of practitioners in this field, the publication examines the advantages and disadvantages of the various mortgage remedies, the special problems arising when construction liens are registered, the priority issues posed by statutory…

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Bennett on PPSA (Ontario), 3rd edition

ISBN: 9780433453673

The Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) is one of Ontario’s most critical pieces of legislation. It governs any party who borrows money or obtains credit using a security agreement. Butterworths Bennett on the PPSA (Ontario) 3rd Edition is your complete guide to the Act. This new edition contains revised and updated materials to help you apply the PPSA, including commentary…

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Bennett on Receiverships, 3rd edition

ISBN: 978-0-7798-3634-5

First published in 1985, with a second edition in 1999, Bennett on Receiverships remains the only Canadian publication that sets out the law on all aspects of the receivership process – from the decision to appoint a receiver through to discharge of the bankrupt. It also explores the concerns of all parties with an interest in a…

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Bennett on the Commercial List

ISBN: 9780433454335

Bennett on the Commercial List is the only guide to this court. Frank Bennett explains how the court functions and how to self-administer a case – everything you need to know so that your clients can benefit from the expertise and speed of the Commercial List.

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Bennett’s A-Z Guide to Bankruptcy

ISBN: 978-1551411149

This book provides a review of the bankruptcy process for lawyers, accountants, trustees, lenders, individuals, small business debtors, and corporations. This handy bankruptcy primer is written in clear and accessible language and includes a chapter of forms and precedents, legislation excerpts, and a glossary in order to provide the reader with a general outline of…

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Bennett on Bankruptcy Precedents, 2nd edition

ISBN: 9781553679714

Bennett on Bankruptcy Precedents, 2nd Edition is a collection of forms and precedents adapted from the prescribed forms under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. These are designed to guide the bankruptcy practitioner through the complete bankruptcy process, from the initial retainer and court filings through to discharge and appeals. What’s included: Precedents Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act Commentary…

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