When a creditor is assessing a commercial proposal and/or a restructuring under the BIA and CCAA, Bennett & Company can advise and attend court on the following:

  1. negotiating the terms of the proposal or arrangement;
  2. priorities and distribution of funds; and,
  3. sanction approval hearings.


Bennett & Company assists debtors for commercial proposals and restructurings under the BIA and the CCAA in several ways:

  1. negotiating the terms of the proposal or the arrangement;
  2. preparing the filings;
  3. applying for an extension of time to file the proposal; and,
  4. attending the court on sanction approval hearing.

    Trustees and Monitors

Bennett & Company acts for proposal trustees and/or monitors:

  1. by participating in any motion for extension of time;
  2. by preparing Trustee and Monitor Reports for the court; and,
  3. by attending court approval or sanction hearings.