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Legal advice for Trustees, Receivers, Monitors

Bennett Bankruptcy Law has the skill, knowledge and experience in acting for Creditors, Debtors, Trustees, Receivers, and Monitors for many years. Acting on all sides makes Bennett Bankruptcy Law unique in knowing what can happen next.

For Trustees, Receivers and Monitors

Bennett Bankruptcy Law provides expert legal advice, second opinions, and co-counsel to Trustees and Receivers.

Services include:

  • Providing independent legal advice
  • Providing independent legal representation
  • Enforcing the rights of creditors
  • Recovering assets improperly transferred before bankruptcy
  • Seeking advice and direction from the court
  • Preventing attacks from the debtor and from the creditors
  • Applying to Court for Directions
  • Taking preference actions and transfers at undervalue
  • Examining the bankrupt and others
  • Assisting in drafting proposals and plans of arrangements
  • Monitoring proposals and plans